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Lace Yarn

Lace knitting yarns produce beautiful and interesting results. As the name indicates, lace wool is extremely light and delicate. Its fineness means that whatever you knit with it looks sophisticated and delicate. Most lace yarn is made from natural fibres, so it is very soft and feels great next to the skin.

Working with Lace Wool

Lace yarn is not ideal for beginners. It is easy to knit with, but because it is so fine, there are a lot of stitches in each garment - typically around 29 per inch, so it can take a long time for a beginner to complete an piece using lace knitting yarns. It can also be difficult for a beginner to maintain consistent tension, which with so many stitches per inch, is more important than normal.

However, for experienced knitters it is a dream to work with. This fine yarn glides through the fingers and produces truly spectacular clothes and other items. You also need to bear in mind that most of these wools are made from delicate natural fibres like silk, super kid Mohair or fine Merino wool. Some of these wools can be machine washed, but not all of them, so it is important to check and buy the right one for the job.

Delicate lace wool lends itself to intricate stitches, making it perfect for shawls and scarves. Many knitters make tops using this wool, because it is soft anything made from lace wool drapes beautifully. It is also great for making a light spring cardigan to wear under a jacket, or a light dress to wear on a spring day. The fact that it is not bulky makes it ideal for making knitwear to take on holiday.

At Black Sheep Wools, we always stock a great selection of lace knitting yarns, and regularly update our collection to reflect the latest fashion trends. Treat yourself, and buy some of this beautiful wool today.