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Linen Yarn

Linen is a natural plant fibre, which is made from flax. It grows in many parts of the world, but requires a lot of sun to reach maturity, so is mainly produced in warmer countries. The fibres are very soft yet durable, so it is no surprise that linen has been sought after for thousands of years.

For thousands of years, linen was only used to make fabric. Today, it is possible to knit or crochet using linen. You can choose between pure linen wool or mixed yarns. Both kinds of yarns are fantastic to work with. The yarn flows well and its elasticity is good, meaning it is easy to keep the tension right and get good results. These yarns are also ideal for machine knitters.

The garments you produce using linen yarn will look great and will be extremely durable. Virtually all linen mix yarns can be machine washed, so it is very easy to care for. Linen is very soft and drapes well. It lends itself to glamorous clothes, but kids also love clothes made with this beautiful yarn.

Perfect for all kinds of garments

Pure linen is known for keeping people cool in very hot temperatures. A spring jumper or cardigan made from pure linen provides a barrier between the skin and a cool evening breeze without the wearer feeling too hot when the breeze drops. Linen is great for all kinds of garments. It is perfect for a capped sleeve sweater, shirts, vests or summer shawls. Mixed linen yarn is even perfect for making jackets.

Here at Black Sheep Wools, we’re fully aware that our customers particularly like linen yarn. As a result, we are always adding new linen mix yarns to our collection. If you enjoy working high quality yarns, you will love linen wool, so why not treat yourself to some today? We also sell linen patterns, ensuring you can get the best results.