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Twilleys Yarn

Twilleys were founded in Stamford during the 1930s. From the start, they were known for producing innovative and unusual yarns. Despite being a small family run company, Twilleys produce a huge range of yarns including DKs, chunky and crochet yarns in traditional weights, with a modern twist. One of the best examples of this is Twilleys Goldfingering wool, which is a very unusual and special yarn.

Twilleys knitting yarns are very high quality, which is one of the reasons they is so easy to work with. Whatever you want to make you will be thrilled with the results when you use Twilleys knitting yarns. The high quality of Twilleys wool also means that the garments and soft furnishings you make with it will stay looking good for many years to come. Investing in, and using, these beautiful yarns is well worth the effort.

There is a great choice of colours, and textures within the range. As fashions change new tones are added, but the most popular colours are still the original gold and silver yarns. Twilleys Goldfingering yarn is unique because anything knitted with it has a metallic sheen, so it is understandable that these metallic colours are the most popular.

This unique lustre is produced because Twilleys Goldfingering wool is made from a combination of viscose and metalised polyester. A jumper, top or shawl is perfect for a party, so sales of this yarn soar just before Christmas as people prepare for the party season.

At Black Sheep Wools, we have stocked Twilleys knitting yarns for many years. Our customers appreciate being able to buy this beautiful, high quality yarn, for a good price. We also sell Twilleys patterns, which is the perfect way to get the most out of Twilleys yarn.