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Noro Yarn

Noro knitting yarns are manufactured by the Eisaku Noro Company in Japan and the brand is respected worldwide. Eisaku Noro the founder of the company has a deep respect for natural fibres and has stated: “I think everything I saw in my childhood was blended in my mind, and spins out whenever I need inspiration for my work.” As a teenager, Noro studied and absorbed everything about how to dye and spin yarns with natural materials. Aya for example is a popular blend of Noro wool, consisting of cotton, silk and wool.

Wool actually has a memory and retains shape as well as absorbing moisture. Silk is surprisingly durable as well as producing a nuanced colour sheen, and cotton adds lightness and breathability. Noro Silk Garden Lite is a blend of silk, kid mohair and lambs wool. This Noro yarn is a lighter version of Silk Garden and comes in a virtual palette of blending colours and luxurious fibres.

Silk is often used in Noro wool blends and Noro Yarn. Silk has a long and illustrious history originating in China. The first silk worms were brought to Europe by monks in the sixth century who presented them to the Emperor Justinian. This was an important event in European commerce. The Noro motto is “the world of nature” and silk is a natural fibre with many amazing qualities of light reflection, lustrousness, crease resistance, has breathability, and is warm to touch and wear. Noro Kogarashi has 51% silk, 49% wool and comes in a variety of complimentary shades. Noro Kama is a Noro yarn which blends five natural fibres, wool, silk, alpaca, kid mohair and angora.

Black Sheep Wools also stock Noro Mossa, Noro Kirara along with Noro pattern books because Noro wool and Noro knitting yarns are in such great demand with knitters worldwide.