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Mirasol Yarn

Mirasol knitting yarns are not only luxurious and long lasting materials, but they are also a fairtrade product which is why they are so sought after by top fashion houses and knitters alike. The Mirasol project was set up in 2006 to benefit the families of Peruvians who care for over three thousand alpaca on the Malkini ranch. There are many reasons top designers like to use Mirasol wool in their cat walk collections, as Mirasol wool is unique and versatile in warmth, texture and being lightweight, the finished garments hang well.

Mirasol baby llama wool is versatile because of microscopic air pockets which makes a garment warm in cold weather, but because of the breathability will keep the wearer cool in summer. Mirasol Tuhu combines three fabulous raw materials, baby llama, finest Merino wool and Angora. This combination in the Mirasol yarn is a knitters dream come true and is like knitting with clouds!

Mirasol knitting yarns are favoured by fashion designers. Many top designers use Mirasol knitting yarns in their couture collections, notably the young British fashion designer, Jane Ellison. Jane has said that by choosing good quality yarn “You are not only treating yourself to a bit of luxury, but you are doing your bit to support small, eco-friendly companies.”

Mirasol Tuhu means Mirasol wild rabbit, and is one of the finest lightweight soft materials used for knitting. Mirasol Tuhu contains 10% Angora, 40% fine Merino wool and 50% baby llama and comes in a 50gm hank. Llamas are very intelligent animals and can be trained to do simple tasks; they live for up to thirty years, providing knitters with beautiful yarn.

Knitters and designers are aware that baby alpaca has a special feel to it and variously describe it as soothing, soft, comforting, lustrous and luxurious. Understandably, knitters use Mirasol yarn for knitting baby clothes. Here at Black Sheep Wools we are proud that we can provide our knitters with quality products which do not cost the earth!