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Louisa Harding

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Louisa Harding Yarn

Louisa Harding knitting yarns are synonymous with luxury, grace and the latest in a beautiful fashion aesthetic. Louisa has a collaborative creative partnership with her husband Stephen Jessup and season after season produces ultra-feminine and girlie yarns to the delight of knitters everywhere. The Louisa Harding Grace Hand Beaded merino wool and silk blend is very popular because attractive, sophisticated garments can be produced at short notice. This Louisa Harding yarn is made up of 31% silk, 31% merino wool, 30% glass beads and 8% polyester and comes in shades of cream, black, willow, ruby, turmeric and reflection.

Louisa Harding Nerisaa is a soft chenille yarn made of 100% cotton. Chenille is a process of making yarn which originated in France, and the word itself means caterpillar. Chenille, like silk reflects light differently depending on which way the garment is viewed, and this property coupled with the lightness of the yarn results in delicate hand knits.

Louisa Harding wool is kind to skin

The fine merino wool used in many of Louisa Harding knitting yarns has many unique properties being hydroscopic, moisture absorbent, the fibres trap air due to the natural crimp of the material and the fibres usually measure less than twenty four microns in diameter. Louisa Harding Ianthe is made of 50% cotton and 50% extra fine merino wool, making it ideal for babies or knitters with sensitive skin. The use of cotton in Louisa Harding knitting yarns is also good for baby’s skin because cotton is an organic natural fibre which is non-allergenic and soft. Ianthe is a Louisa Harding yarn which comes in light delicate shades of white, raffia, beige and also burgundy, orange and spice. Louisa Harding wool is designed to make knitting a fun and easy experience.

Here at Black Sheep Wools we know that quality of material and how a garment looks are important considerations for our knitters which is why we stock such a wide range of Louisa Harding wool.