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Katia Yarn

Katia knitting yarns combine natural and synthetic materials which produce knitted garments with a range of versatile features. Bolivia is a Katia yarn bursting with colours like pink, green and berry, and is made of 48% Bamboo, 44% wool and 8% acrylic. Acrylic was only manufactured as late as 1941 by the French Dupont company and was marketed under the trade name Orlon. The company were working on rayon when a scientist discovered acrylic and a couple of decades later acrylic material was in huge demand. The advantages of acrylic material are its softness like silk or wool, its warmth and its resilience which outshines other natural and synthetic fibers. It is machine washable and colour fast. Katia Inca combines wool and acrylic in a chunky colourful variegated yarn.

Katia knitting yarns are full of surprises

Katia wool is full of surprises in their composition, as in Katia Evita Merino which combines fine merino wool with balls of faux fur for a really fashionable knit. Acuario is a Katia yarn made from 90% viscose which is a material that drapes beautifully. This Katia yarn has an opalescent sheen throughout and comes in shades of white, cream, antique rose, silver and black. Viscose is made from cellulose and has more springiness than silk, and is softer than cotton.

Innovation is key to Katia wool

Katia is a European knitting yarn company and their aim is to innovate and make knitting an exciting experience which is why they have such varied combinations of raw materials. Katia Azteca is a Katia yarn with self-striping colourways from natural mix, brown and purple mix, midnight mix and orange mix. It is made of 50% wool and 50% acrylic and these knits are really fashionable and trendy.

Here at Black Sheep Wools we are aware that our knitters want cutting edge fashionable knits which are why we stock such a range of Katia wool.