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Designer Yarns

Designer Yarns have a wide range of knitting patterns and materials to appeal to the creative knitter. Designer Yarn Choice Rumba Tweed comes in a large range of contrasting colours of white, charcoal, black, green, chocolate, rust, magenta, denim and navy, and is ideal for winter knits. The big advantage of Choice Rumba Tweed is that it is made of polyacryl which is machine washable, and the Designer Yarn Choice Tweed book has patterns for mittens, bags, scarves and cushions. For knitters who like to create fun garments, whether sweaters or scarves, Designer Yarns Jester DK comes in hanks which are decorated with multi-coloured pom-poms. The Ella Rae Jester Book has eight fun patterns for Designer Yarns knitting.

With Designer Yarns, knitting is easy

Using Designer Yarns for knitting is ideal for beginners because they supply the patterns and materials which are relatively easy to follow. Knitters feel a great sense of achievement when they produce a garment which they have created while mastering a new skill. Many new mothers love to have knitted baby clothes and Designer Yarn Baby Joy DK is a soft baby yarn in light fruity shades like bon bon, candyfloss, tutti frutti, bubblegum and starburst.

Designer Yarns DK with wool comes in a really wide range of colours, and is made of 25% wool. Thanks to the insulation properties of this natural material, and that it takes colour so well, demand for Designer Yarns is always high. Knitters like the fact that such a light weight material can be very warm and yet drape so well and flatter one’s shape. Girl’s Cardigan or Men’s Sweater in Designer Yarn with wool are just two of the many patterns to choose from, as knitting is no longer the preserve of women and many men now enjoy knitting and creating their own clothes.

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