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Adriafil Yarn

The Adriafil yarn brand is Italian, meaning that the yarns have a dramatic Latin look and texture adored by knitters. One of the great advantages of pure wool is its amazing power to absorb colour. The pigment sinks deep into the fibre as opposed to clinging to the surface, meaning that the wool can be dyed with deeper colours than silk, cotton or flax. Adriafil Knitcol Dk is a luxurious, soft 100% fine merino wool which knits up into an artistic jacquard effect.

Merino wool has some of the same properties as cotton, such as the fact that both can absorb up to 33% of their weight in water. However, wool has the advantage of remaining warm while wet which means it is a good yarn for athletes and adventurers. The multi-coloured Adriafil knitting wool yarns are variously named Verdi, Chopin, Renoir, Bach, Giotto, Pascal, Mozart and Monet, in keeping with the artistry of the Adriafil yarn.

Adriafil knitting yarn is favoured by knitters of baby clothes. Mums who knit for their babies favour angora because of its softness and silky texture. Adriafil Angora Carezza Classic comes in a variety of colours, from baby sky blue and fuchsia to rose and burgundy. The Italian word 'carezza' means 'to caress', and this beautiful angora pampers and soothes the skin it touches. Adriafil Energia Trends is a burst of colours with little flags inserted in the yarn, making it easy for the knitter to produce fashionable garments with a wavy effect.

Adriafil knitting yarns can add that touch of glamour to your knitting. Adriafil gold is a metallic eyelash yarn which is brilliant for adding accent trim features and for creating modern trendy accessories. Adriafil yarn is very popular in Europe and at Black Sheep Wools, we stock many varieties of the Adriafil brand to ensure that their knitting customers get quality yarns at affordable prices. We understand that our knitters have a passion for fashion.