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Crochet Hooks & Accessories

Here at Black Sheep Wools we aim to keep you in the loop with our wonderful array of crochet accessories. When it comes to crochet hooks, there are few materials that have not been used in the manufacturing process. Such variety includes everything from bone, wood and steel, to plastic, casein and, would you believe, the quills of porcupines.

Crocheting has been thought to be a skilfully deemed craft to have dating right back to Victorian times. Traditional lace making, often using guipure lace, was a cottage industry in Ireland common during the Victorian era. Irish lace was made by using a crochet hook fashioned out of fine steel and fine linen or cotton thread, typically using the colours white or cream. During this period of stressed elegance and sophistication, ladies held their crochet hook like a pencil as it was believed to appear more graceful and feminine. Nowadays however, many who crochet prefer to hold their hook similarly to how they’d hold a knife, as this is significantly less tiring for the wrist. Granny squares did not emerge until the late 60’s and early 70’s, moving crocheters away from the conventional white and introducing a variety of bold colours.

For fine needlework, Clover has four Soft Touch crochet hooks which vary in size from 2.25mm up to 6mm. These Soft touch crochet hooks make fabulous crochet accessories when crocheting baby clothes or delicate garments made with love.

One of the greatest aspects of learning to crochet, most would agree, is undoubtedly the fact that it is far less expensive than most hobbies to initially begin with!  Yet, once enticed, crocheters may be drawn to take a look at our amazing collection of crochet yarns and from then on it’s in your own hands!