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Crochet Hooks & Accessories

There are few materials that have not been used in the manufacture of crochet hooks. Those which have been used include everything from bone, wood and steel to plastic, casein and the quills of porcupines. Lantern Moon has a variety of Rosewood crochet hooks, which are a dream to use. These hooks are handcrafted for a smooth crochet experience and come in a variety of sizes and cater for a variety of projects. There are several stitches used in crocheting, including chain, slip stitch, single stich, double stich and treble stitch.

Crochet accessories in Victorian times

In Victorian times, ladies held their crochet hook like a pencil as it was thought to look more graceful and feminine. However, many people who crochet prefer to hold the hook like a knife as this hold is less tiring for the wrist. Lacemaking, often using guipure lace, was a cottage industry in Ireland during the Victorian era. Irish lace is made by using a crochet hook fashioned out of fine steel and fine linen or cotton thread, using the colours white or cream.

Granny squares did not emerge until the late 60s and early 70s, and moved away from white to a variety of bright colours. For fine needlework, Clover has four Soft Touch crochet hooks, which vary in size from 2.25 up to 6. These Soft touch crochet hooks make great crochet accessories for knitting baby clothes or delicate garments.

Few hobbies are as inexpensive to begin as crocheting. Here at Black Sheep Wools, our yarns and crochet accessories are very reasonably priced so people taking up the craft for the first time get great value for money. As well as this, our customers have a huge range to choose from.