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Crocheting, like knitting, is absolutely great for the creatively inclined. For those that do not know or may be unsure of how it works, it differs slightly from knitting in that only one stitch is active at one time and only a single crochet hook is used rather than two knitting needles. It can also be worked into circular details without any specialist tools, unlike in knitting.

Crocheting is a unique craft that is centuries old. It first became popular in the 19th century due to it being a cheap and simple method of manufacturing lace. However, it has expanded and developed dramatically over the years. In the 20th century there are many new styles and patterns in comparison to the few original crocheting methods. Such variations include broomstick lace, cro-hooking, filet crochet, hairpin lace and Irish or Tunisian crochet. It remains a prized skill to have today, as crocheting can only be produced by hand. To many beginners delight, it is relatively easy to learn!

Nothing makes a house more snug and homely than crocheted adornments. People spend a considerable amount of money in fancy designer stores, buying expensive blankets, cushions and many other variables from the biggest names in interior designing. These products, albeit beautiful, can be somewhat impersonal. It goes without saying that, for all crocheters and crafters alike, there is no greater sense of pride and achievement than in showing off your personal creations! Putting your own unique twist into decorating makes your personality shine through in all that you crochet and adds a wonderful sense of character to your furnishings.

Crochet cushion covers can magnificently transform a couch into a chic and exotic relaxation zone. Spending time with friends and family in a comfy atmosphere with delicate crochet patterns can be extremely soothing for the soul. Cushion covers can either be made in two pieces or as many granny squares sewn together, the choice is yours! Couches can similarly be beautified with crocheted throws made out of glorious combinations of colours.

Crocheting isn’t just stylish when it comes to home and lifestyle trends. Recently there has been an outbreak of glorious crocheted dresses, accessories, cardigans and sumptuous shawls hitting top fashion runways all over the world. Feel free to browse our patterns, books and crochet yarns here at Black Sheep Wools and join in with the fashionistas in the crochet community today!