Sara’s yarn review – Stylecraft Head over Heels

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Watch my latest video on our YouTube channel all about Stylecraft Head over Heels yarn. A brand new sock yarn from Stylecraft that comes in six variegated shades. I have knitted a beret in shade Eiger. Emily and Amy have also been having a play with the yarn, crochet and tunisan crochet.

Here is my hat in shade – Eiger of Head over Heels.

Stylecraft Head over Heels

Amy has been trying out tunisian crochet in shade – Eiger.

stylecraft head over heels

Emily has been crocheting a virus shawl in shade – Kilimanjaro.

stylecraft head over heels

Vinni’s Colour Nikkim yarn

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We have recently added a fabulous new yarn to our website – Vinni’s Colour Nikkim. There are 80 amazing shades to choose from! Watch my yarn review below on our YouTube channel.

Sara’s yarn review – WYS Illustrious Dk

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What is your favourite yarn? – Part 2

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Last week I shared our Facebook followers yarn favourites – part 1. This week I am back with the round up for part 2. Four more yarn categories have been put up to the vote. Along with carefully counting numbers it has been interesting reading the comments people have left to support their choices. I have included some of this feedback below. To read more take a look on our Facebook page.


fashion yarns

The favourite is………A – King Cole Opium Palette

Janine says – ‘I’ve just finished a wrap for my holidays and it looks stunning even though it’s only garter stitch!’

Lyndsay – ‘I’ve just started my first King Cole Opium project and I’m loving it!’


chunky yarns

The favourite is……….B – Rico Creative Melange Glitz Chunky, closely followed by Sirdar Faroe Chunky.

Double Knitting

double knitting yarn

The favourite is……….Rowan Wool Cotton


cotton yarns

The favourite is………King Cole Cottonsoft Dk

Lyn says – ‘Washes and tumble dries beautifully. Lovely and soft.’

Helen says – ‘King Cole Cottonsoft  I too am part of the wonderful Knitted Knockers UK group that make 100% cotton prosthesis for women who have had mastectomies …king Cole Cotton soft is the softest and comes in the prettiest colours.’

What is your favourite yarn? – Part 1

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Earlier this year we put out a series of questions on our Facebook page, asking our followers to choose their favourite yarns. Rather than leaving the question open ended we offered four options to choose from in each yarn category. It was interesting to see which yarns came out as the overall favourites, there were lots of positive comments too. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for similar posts popping up over the next couple of weeks.

We started with super chunky yarns, offering the the following options –

Super Chunky

super chunky yarns

The favourite is……….A – Rowan Tumble


baby yarns

The favourite is………..C – Sirdar Snuggly Dk


lace yarns

The favourite is………..Araucania Botany Lace


aran yarns

The favourite is………..Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran

Sara’s yarn review – Debbie Bliss Luxury Silk Dk

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Sara has enjoyed knitting with Debbie Bliss Luxury Silk Dk yarn so much, that she has decided to do a yarn review. Watch the video below to and hear what she has to say.

Yarn Review – Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester

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Yvonne has been knitting with Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester Aran yarn. Here is what she had to say………….

‘I decided to use the Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester aran as my grandson is allergic to man-made fibres. I wanted a yarn that was 100% pure wool, this way there would be no chance of a small percentage of another fibre affecting him. I chose to knit with the fantastic plum – shade 11.
The yarn is so beautiful and soft. I have found it an absolute pleasure to knit with, sliding off my Lantern Moon rosewood needles effortlessly. A lovely, full bodied pure wool. As I made the jacket for my grandson I wanted to wash it before he wore it. I made sure that I hand washed the jacket to avoid any possibility of shrinking and it has washed beautifully. The yarn still has that bounce and softness it had prior to washing. I will definitely be knitting with this yarn again in the future.’

Yarn Review – Wendy Thor

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Many of you have probably seen the Wendy Thor ‘knitting’ slide popping up on our new website. There are some gorgeous shades to choose from including Viking the shade shown in the photograph.  For those of you who haven’t spotted it here it is! Amazing colours and texture don’t you think?

This week Catherine (Craft Barn manager) has been knitting with the super chunky yarn. When she brought in her completed cowl I just had to share it with you. The perfect opportunity for a yarn review. Here is what she had to say…………..

‘A lovely, soft yarn to work with. I was spoilt for choice with the variety of shades. Autumnal oranges and browns through to icy Winter grey. Decisions, decisions in the end I chose ‘Aurora’ – shade 1985 as I like the hint of turquoise & pink coming through. The cowl pattern I have followed is actually on the ball band, the best thing of all you only need the 1 ball (£6.50)! I found the yarn really easy to knit and with chunky 15mm needles I soon had it knitted. In fact it only took one evening. Looking through the other patterns I think I might just be tempted to knit a cushion or pouffe cover in maybe one of the grey shades. One more thing – although there are buttons on the cowl you do not need to know how to do button holes due to the nature of the holey design.’

The cowl would make an ideal Christmas gift!

Lantern Moon Rosewood Needles Review

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Having never even used bamboo needles before I was a little unsure about the Lantern Moon Rosewood needles. Will they feel any different to use? How will they affect my knitting? I knit with metal or plastic needles and have never really thought about trying anything else, I guess you just get used to something and stick with it. Although many of the Black Sheep ladies swear by bamboo needles and when they heard the Lantern Moon needles were coming in stock here at the Black Sheep I would say excited was an understatement. Leaving me intrigued for the arrival of the Rosewood needles.

Seeing the needles lay neatly in size order, exquisitely hand crafted all shiny and smooth reminded me of Harry Potter when he enters Ollivander’s wand shop for the first time to purchase a wand. Each pair unique due to the variations in the Rosewood. These are precious needles.

Since the needles arrived Sara, Catherine, Yvonne and I have all bought a pair and here is what we all have to say…………..

Sara – ‘The needles have completely sorted out my tension! Usually I would use a needle size slightly larger, knowing this would give me the desired tension. This is not the case with the Lantern Moon Rosewood needles.’

Catherine – ‘They are so smooth, lovely and tactile. It is surprising how much faster I am knitting with them. The yarn just glides along so easily.’

Yvonne – ‘They are light to hold, kind of like bamboo but with the slippy, smooth feel of metal. I am getting the best qualities of both. Using the Rosewood needles has improved the look of my finished piece of knitting. Also they have really helped with my arthritis. I would recommend them to anyone.’

Me (Amy) – ‘I can’t believe how much faster I am knitting with the needles. At the moment I am knitting with the Rowan Lima and it is coming along beautifully. They are just so easy to use and do make a difference, I think that I may have been converted!’


 The Lantern Moon needles come in a choice of two lengths 30cm and 35cm prices from £14.99 a pair.

Yarn Review – Katia Marilyn

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The new Autumn / Winter yarns are already starting to arrive in stock here at the Black Sheep. Apparently it is still Summer, although calling this time of year Summer is questionable at the moment. As I sit here writing this the rain is continuing to pour. Maybe it could be a good time to start some of your Winter knitting.

Maria has been knitting with the Katia Marilyn yarn. This will be the first of our Autumn / Winter 2012 yarn reviews.

‘I found the yarn really easy to use. I would say it is definitely similar to many of the other scarf yarns I have knitted with previously. One thing I would say is that when you are following the pattern to make sure that you go into the top hole, so that the loose decorative strands hang downwards. There is also a right and wrong side which you be able to recognise. The yarn feels so soft and drapes beautifully once knitted up. It really didn’t take long at all to make. I have my eye on a couple of the other new scarf yarns now, both Katia Gala and Lolita. They are possible future projects.’