What is a CAL?

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To coincide with the launch of our exclusive CAL collaboration with the wonderful blogger Cherry Heart, we asked the talented lady behind our blanket design to help explain what is a CAL?

Find more information about our CAL over on our dedicated Spice of Life Crochet Along page and on Cherry Heart‘s latest blog post!

cherry heart crochet along

What is a CAL?
It’s short for Crochet Along. A Crochet Along is a group of crocheters who decide to work on a particular pattern at the same time and share their progress with each other. CAL’s are a great way for crocheters to chat to each other, compare pattern notes, ask questions and encourage each other to finish their projects. Usually a CAL will focus on one particular project, like we are doing here with the Spice of Life Blanket, but some are broader and crocheters work of a type of project or the patterns from a particular designer or book together.

Who can join in?
Our Spice of Life CAL is open to absolutely anyone who would like to join us in making the Spice of Life Blanket. You don’t need to sign up to anything to become a part of the CAL. Just join us each week for the new updates and you can follow along. Of course, it makes it much more fun if you share your projects and join the groups too. But you can join in as much or as little as you would like.

How can I get involved?
The joy of a CAL is sharing your own work and seeing everyone’s projects, not to mention joining in with the general chit chat and checking on are on the right track. You’ll be able to do that by joining the Spice of Life Facebook Group which we’ll be opening soon and by sharing your progress pictures with us on Instagram, using the tag #SpiceofLifeCAL.

What skills do I need to have to take part?
This CAL pattern is aimed at beginner crocheters who would like to learn a little bit more. So if you’d managed a couple of granny squares and are ready for the next step, this is the project for you. Of course, more experienced crocheters are very welcome too, you might already know the stitches but we hope you’ll enjoy working up the pattern with us all the same.

Will you be doing any more CAL’s soon?
Well there is nothing planned just yet, but maybe if this one goes well… who knows?

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Hi there! We are a group of crocheters here in Pretoria, South Africa that meets every Tuesday evening to crochet. We have decided to take part in the “Spice of Life” cal together – usually everyone does her own thing. The crochet skill levels vary from beginner to experienced in our group. I think this is going to be lots of fun and we are really looking forward to it! We will take photos and post it on the facebook page to show our progress and “join” your get-togethers.

Hi Sonja,

Hope you all enjoy taking part in the CAL. Looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on!

Kind regards,

Just signed up 10/19/15 Late and wool kits are OUT ! Is it possible to use Worsted as I have loads of that. Feel bad but?? TY Its a beautiful Afghan.

Hi Susan,

Yes I’m afraid we are out of stock at the moment. We are waiting on some colours to arrive in stock very soon. You can use a different yarn thickness, it would just mean changing your hook size and also being aware that a thicker yarn will require a greater yardage of yarn, possibly having to increase the amount of yarn required.

Kind regards,
Amy x

I would like to make this as a baby blanket and would like advise on size. If I am to make a 36X48 inch blanket, how many chains would I start with. In other words, is there a repeat number I need to be aware of? Thanks. Leslie

Hi Leslie,

Please read Sandra’s handy tips below –

I know a few of you were interested in changing the size of your blanket, so to help you make your blankets bigger or smaller here’s some extra information for you.

PLEASE NOTE: I don’t recommend making changes to the blanket pattern for beginners. These guidelines are for those crocheters that are confident in amending patterns, re-calculating sizes and estimating yardage requirements accordingly.

Changing the Width

Adjusting the width is fairly simple, all you need to do is remember that the pattern needs a multiple of 12 stitches, plus 1 extra.

So, for the starting chain you’ll need a number which is a multiple of 12, and then work another 3 chains on top. These extra 3 chains will count as your 1st treble and will make your 1 extra stitch.

STARTING CHAIN: Multiple of 12 + 3
STITCH COUNT: Multiple of 12 + 1

✽ Make a note of your revised number, you’ll need this if you want to check your stitch count throughout the blanket.

To estimate the number of stitches you want for the width of blanket you require you’ll need to work your own gauge swatch and use the measurements accordingly.

Changing the Length

The blanket pattern includes a repeat which you’ll be able to work as many times as necessary to get your desired length of blanket. Also, as the pattern parts become available each week you’ll see that it will be easy to change the length of the blanket by working extra repeats of the section or sections that you like best.

To make a shorter blanket, you can simply leave out the pattern repeat, or sections as desired.

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