Carols Can Can Frilly Scarf

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Carol's Frilly Can Can Scarf

Carol’s Frilly Can Can Scarf

This fabulous frilly scarf  has been knitted using Rico Creative Can Can wool. To make this scarf, Carol used 7mm needles however, you can use 7mm, 7.5mm or 8mm needles, whichever you prefer.

The ball band suggests that you use 7 stitches but you can alter this as you wish, use less stitches for a thinner scarf or use more stitches for a really thick one. Carol used 6 stitches in her scarf.

We all love the fantastic frills that this lovely new yarn creates and it has inspired us all to have a go at knitting a scarf with it. We are in the process of producing a fool proof guide to Rico Can Can which will include a video and easy step by step instructions to make knitting with Can Can as easy as possible.

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I just bought one of these scarves at a holiday bazaar. I would love to make one. Can you tell me where to find the can-can yarn?

thank you,
Claudia Letter

Hi Claudia
We no longer stock the red shade as seen in the photo but we do have a few shades left in the Can Can available to order on our website here is a link to the shades. Also there is a new yarn Can Can called Can Can Glitz with a bit of sparkle. They can be seen here
Have fun knitting!

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