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Needlecraft Accessories

As has happened with many traditional hobbies over recent years, needlecraft in all its forms is seeing a resurgence. Many new and younger fans are beginning to enjoy the craft, whilst older enthusiasts are picking up their needles again. Before starting any project, though, it is important to get the very best needlecraft accessories in place, to ensure all is immediately at hand.

There are all manner of needlecraft accessories available today too, allowing enthusiasts to get exactly what they need, when it is needed. For example, it is always good for many people sewing, quilting and cross stitching to have frames. Providing a solid mount to work with, they come in various sizes to suit each individual piece of work.

For any sewer, a wonderful gift would be a multi tool kit, such as the Fiskars Sewing Multi Tool 12-in-1 kit. It is perfect for any sewing job, and ideal to take out and about. Containing such invaluable items as a measuring tape, a stuffing tool, a knit picker, a thread cutter, a magnet, a magnifying glass and tweezers, it could soon become something of a best friend.

As much as having the essential accessories around is important, many items are as useful as they are ornamental. For example, artisan brand Premax has a delightful pair of stork scissors, whilst DMC makes a great neck pendant for scissors. Meanwhile, Lantern Moon makes some divine novelty tape measures that retain their practicality perfectly.

Whether it is the basic needlecraft accessories, such as scissors, pins, magnets and labels, or something a little fancier, here at Black Sheep Wools, we have it all. With a hefty selection of at least 50 or 60 accessories at any one time, all of which are offered at great prices, we’re sure to have what you need.